Speed and pressure have this ability to turn the weakest and the slightest material into a powerful force. A lightweight piece of metal can be turned into a bullet, air can be made to support an aircraft and so on. Buy a machine to bring speed and pressure to a stream of water – as a high-pressure washer can – and you give the water unimaginable kinds of power. It can strip the rust off old steel tools, and it certainly can clean the most impacted, hard-to-reach and stubborn kinds of dirt.

They make high-pressure washer devices for commercial and domestic purposes. You can use these to water your lawn and clean your car or you can use these in a commercial setting for variety of purposes.

Most people on the market to buy a high-pressure washer don’t realize this, but buying a high-pressure washer, you’re not limited to getting something that just uses cold water. Think about it – what is more powerful than high-pressure steam of cold water? It has to be a high-pressure stream of hot water and steam, of course. When you’re talking about stubborn mold and well-established oily dirt, high-pressure hot water would be wonderful.

You just need to take your time to analyze your needs and buy the right kind of device.

One way in which the cheaper models shortchange you usually is in how they offer you a smaller variety of pressure settings. For instance, if you’re trying to clean set dirt off the bottom of a car, you are going to need some fantastic levels of pressure. Try to clean window glass of the other hand, and you want less pressure than would punch a hole right through it. The cheaper models will offer you fewer levels of pressure setting and they will often put the control in an inaccessible place.

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Managers at large public buildings, when they are requisitioned by the cleaning department for a pressure washer, often hesitate or stall. With $5000 as the entry price, commercial pressure washers can be pricey big-ticket items to buy. They do realize that public buildings see lots of traffic and there can be some pretty challenging cleaning duties around. They do realize that heavy-duty cleaning equipment might be called for. But it can be worrisome all the same. Perhaps a little introduction to how commercial pressure washers could really help could set their minds at ease.

Even industrial buildings don’t have the kind of cleaning needs that commercial buildings usually do. Schools, government buildings, offices, shopping malls, hotels – these places see thousands and thousands of visitors every day. Industrial buildings don’t usually see any more than the workers who usually come and go. Where there are lots of people walking by, there is usually be associated filth, debris, vandalism and so on.

There’s a good reason why labor movements in the past used to vehemently oppose anyone bringing in machines. They felt it would displace actual workers. They were right. The reason businesses usually like to get machines in place of people is that machines are things you only have to buy once. People, you have to pay wages to every week.

Buying commercial pressure washers should be considered financially viable because in its place, you would have to hire a bunch of people painfully scrubbing away at dirt forever. And lots of dirt there will be.

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Have you ever had a professional roof cleaner try to talk up to you how great his services are, by telling you that he does high pressure cleaning on algae or mold or anything else on your roof? A roof pressure cleaning is always a bad idea though. So it’s a wonder that professional cleaners will still try this with potential clients. It’s a wonder that they talk about pressure cleaning in a boastful way as if they thought that it could impress.

The thing is, just because your roof is made of hard, tough materials, doesn’t mean that it’s indestructible. Especially when your roof needs to be in immaculate shape to remain waterproof. Pressure washers produce an unbelievable amount of pressure. How much pressure, you ask?

Let’s try to put this in perspective. Your garden hose is usually able to put out about 75 pounds per square inch or PSI. In comparison, the pressure washer that they use for roof pressure cleaning is 2500 psi. That’s enough to crack shingles with.

What is more, roof pressure cleaning isn’t exactly going to take the algae out. While all the high-pressure water will certainly loosen the stuff that’s attached to your roof, it is not going to wash it all off. While the roof will look great for a few days, the algae can come right back. In some cases, the high-pressure water will wash the algae off. But it’ll also push the spores there deep into any microscopic holes there may be in your roof.

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