Tent camping is a popular way of camping, as it doesn’t require an RV or any extra things like gas which obviously costs money. People that don’t own or want to rent RV’s still love camping life just the same, which keeps tent camping as popular as it is.

Because tent camping is so popular is the reason many camping sites offer amenities for tent campers. Sure, these camping sites have definitely beefed up their RV camping amenities but most have left plenty of room and amenities available for tent camping.

Camping At RV And Tent Camping Sites

As long as you’re tent camping at an actual camping site that offers amenities, some things you can expect to have available to you are public restroom facilities where toilet paper is provided, and public showers that although not usually very comfortable, do the trick to clean you up. Designated tent camping spaces are rented, and these spaces provide a nice space for a fire to cook on and sit around.

Other amenities that are located at some tent camping sites include swimming pools, activity centers, refreshment vending machines and hiking trails. With these amenities and the things you bring from home, it’s safe to say that tent camping at these kinds of camping sites is far from roughing it.

Camping with A Tent On The Beach

The beach is a great place for camping especially when you have a tent to control your wind and weather conditions. With the ability to easily make safe fire pits in the sand, you don’t need to bring much with you but a towel, some shorts and a tent. Maybe a little food wouldn’t hurt. Speaking of food on the beach, this is another great reason to camp with a tent so you can keep your food clean enough to eat.

Camping In The Woods With A Tent

While exciting and adventurous, this method of tent camping can be very dangerous. If you decide to go camping in the woods, you’ll want to make sure you are extremely familiar with the area you plan on camping. If not, you run a high chance of getting lost, something that kills people a lot more often than you may think. But as long as you aren’t too far out and you’re familiar with the area, tent camping in the woods can be an awesome adventure to experience.