How Important to Buy Are Commercial Pressure Washers Anyway

Managers at large public buildings, when they are requisitioned by the cleaning department for a pressure washer, often hesitate or stall. With $5000 as the entry price, commercial pressure washers can be pricey big-ticket items to buy. They do realize that public buildings see lots of traffic and there can be some pretty challenging cleaning duties around. They do realize that heavy-duty cleaning equipment might be called for. But it can be worrisome all the same. Perhaps a little introduction to how commercial pressure washers could really help could set their minds at ease.

Even industrial buildings don’t have the kind of cleaning needs that commercial buildings usually do. Schools, government buildings, offices, shopping malls, hotels – these places see thousands and thousands of visitors every day. Industrial buildings don’t usually see any more than the workers who usually come and go. Where there are lots of people walking by, there is usually be associated filth, debris, vandalism and so on.

There’s a good reason why labor movements in the past used to vehemently oppose anyone bringing in machines. They felt it would displace actual workers. They were right. The reason businesses usually like to get machines in place of people is that machines are things you only have to buy once. People, you have to pay wages to every week.

Buying commercial pressure washers should be considered financially viable because in its place, you would have to hire a bunch of people painfully scrubbing away at dirt forever. And lots of dirt there will be.

Any kind of place that sees a lot of people traffic will inevitably have to deal with grease, food spills, chewing gum, stains, and just plain old grime. Only high-pressure washers can get rid of these in a short period of cleaning time.

Mostly, commercial pressure washers with high-pressure cold and hot water, are highly effective on hard concrete and tile. They can put out some pretty scary pressure levels that only very rigid surfaces can actually take. But when they are matched to the right kind of surface, these washers can truly be effective. It doesn’t matter how hardened, baked on or stubborn the stain is. There isn’t a stain that is resistant to this kind of pressure.

Mostly, a purchase decision needs to take in account the kind of area that the washer will be deployed at. If it has access to electrical power, it’s easy to buy an inexpensive electric-powered appliance. Otherwise, a gas-powered on would be completely appropriate.

Perhaps the best reason to buy commercial pressure washers is this – they are environmentally friendly. with this kind of pressure involved, you don’t need to use any environmentally harmful chemicals in the cleaning process. It’s just water. And you can put a sign out there that proudly declares “These premises are cleaned through the green cleaning processes”!