Is A Petrol Pressure Washer Worth The Investment?

Speed and pressure have this ability to turn the weakest and the slightest material into a powerful force. A lightweight piece of metal can be turned into a bullet, air can be made to support an aircraft and so on. Buy a machine to bring speed and pressure to a stream of water – as a high-pressure washer can – and you give the water unimaginable kinds of power. It can strip the rust off old steel tools, and it certainly can clean the most impacted, hard-to-reach and stubborn kinds of dirt.

They make high-pressure washer devices for commercial and domestic purposes. You can use these to water your lawn and clean your car or you can use these in a commercial setting for variety of purposes.

Most people on the market to buy a high-pressure washer don’t realize this, but buying a high-pressure washer, you’re not limited to getting something that just uses cold water. Think about it – what is more powerful than high-pressure steam of cold water? It has to be a high-pressure stream of hot water and steam, of course. When you’re talking about stubborn mold and well-established oily dirt, high-pressure hot water would be wonderful.

You just need to take your time to analyze your needs and buy the right kind of device.

One way in which the cheaper models shortchange you usually is in how they offer you a smaller variety of pressure settings. For instance, if you’re trying to clean set dirt off the bottom of a car, you are going to need some fantastic levels of pressure. Try to clean window glass of the other hand, and you want less pressure than would punch a hole right through it. The cheaper models will offer you fewer levels of pressure setting and they will often put the control in an inaccessible place.

As with most power tools, going with lightness of weight and portability in a high-pressure washer will require you to sacrifice on power. The really powerful high-pressure washer machines that operate at 4000 pounds per square inch and work off a powerful 12 HP motor can be so large, they come with their own cart mounted on small tires. These can end up costing you about $900.

Buying a high-pressure washer, there are a number of things you need to make your mind up about first. They come powered by your choice of electric motor or gas engine. You’ll find that the really high-powered models are the ones that come with gas powered petrol engines. Of course, if a lot of your work is indoors, you’ll find that a petrol engine may not really be appropriate because of the exhaust smoke.

If you’re a home user, something that’s 1500 pounds per square inch should do just fine. Unless of course, you’d like to do things like clean the moss off your concrete walls and concrete driveway. In that case, a full-featured gas powered model that works at 3000 pounds per square inch might be ideal. While hot water model might be convenient, you do have to realize that it can cost 10 times more than a cold water model.

Knowing where to look though is half the battle won. You could just go out and find the first petrol pressure washer you can lay your hands on, but the fact of the matter is you need to do your research. Take a look at the petrol pressure washers site to get a feel for what you need – they even go as far as to give you an idea of price by linking to the products on Amazon. It’s not a foolproof method of choosing the best one for your needs, but it’s a lot better than shooting blind.

One of the hardest things to know is how much you need in terms of PSI, or power. PSI stands for pounds per square inch, and the higher the number, the easier it’ll be to remove even the most stubborn dirt. What’s more you’ll gain a greater range too, so if in doubt, get the best you can justify paying for. You’ll thank yourself (and us) later when you’re facing some of the toughest clean up jobs with ease.